Osaka Kizomba You&Me Festival

This past weekend I was invited to teach an Afro House workshop and a Hip Hop workshop at the 1st Osaka Kizomba Festival!

先週末は、大阪で初めて行われたOsaka Kizomba Festivalで、Afro HouseとHipHopを教えて欲しいと招待されました。

31932308_263441577531734_2136882762475372544_nIt was a 3-day event with many workshops given by many dancers from around the world: India, Germany, France, USA, and so on.  It was a first experience to teach such a big group of people.  However, I enjoyed every moment of it.


The main dance style taught and danced at this event was Kizomba (hence the name lol).  However, since Kizomba is a dance style derived from Angola, the Kizomba dancers were not strangers to the style of Afro House.  Usually during Kizomba sessions, the DJ will play some Afro House music and someone will lead the group while performing Afro House steps.

このイベントのメインはその名の通りキゾンバというジャンルのダンス。だけれど、Kizombaはアンゴラから由来しており、多くのKizombaダンサーは同じアンゴラのダンススタイルであるAfro Houseもよく知っています。Kizombaのダンスセッションの時間には、DJがAfroHouseの音楽を途中でかけて、誰かが前に立ってリードしながら、Afro Houseを踊るのが慣習なんです。

31743643_262558174286741_1966608745370746880_n31466735_263461330863092_3777672694611312640_nSo, for my workshop, I taught basic grooves of Afro House, Kuduro, and the importance of having fun while being yourself on the dance floor.  For my Hip Hop lesson, I explained about feeling different rhythms within the music, and different ways to groove to the beat.  Many of the students were beginners for both Afro House and Hip Hop, so it was a nice change of pace and atmosphere.


31942569_263441624198396_3232756449872445440_nI received a lot of good reviews about my workshops, so I was very pleased afterwards.  I hope to be a part of the next Kizomba event, whenever they have it, in the future!  Thank you Yumi for inviting me and all the staff for making me feel welcome.  And thank you for the DJs for trying to play as much Afro House music as possible for me.  Thank you SanJay for killing the floor with me every night haha.


One Love

~Prince Lo3

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