House Voyage Vol.4 沖縄

[English Below]

Mark, Nemaをはじめ、House Voyageのスタッフの皆さん、素敵なイベントをありがとうございます。賞賛です🙌

沖縄に住んでいて、ストリートダンサーなら、絶対次のHouse Voyageには行くべきです。

はっきり言って、ストリートダンスと言われるPopping, Locking, HipHop,パーティーダンス、ブレーキン、Houseは、ダンススタジオの鏡の前で生まれたものではありません。





House Voyageはダンスカルチャーの由来を振り返って、ダンスのオリジナルルーツを求めているイベントだと、つくづく思います。




そして、Mark! ダンスする機会をいただき、ありがとうございます。

I just wanna give a big shoutout to Mark, Nema, and all the House Voyage staff for throwing a fantastic Day/Night House Club Event. If you live in Okinawa and are a dancer, you should definitely attend the next event.

*Talking to the “street dancers in Okinawa now* The street dance styles you do now, popping, locking, hip hop party dancing, breaking, House etc. were born in the club dance scene, not dance studios in front of mirrors. House Voyage is trying to bring that culture back and take the dance to its original roots! So please, if you’re under 18 and a dancer please attend the next Daytime event. And if you’re over 18 you can hit up the night time event (or both).

Cyphers were on point and Future was giving lessons with his dance and feeling…. truly incredible! Thank you again for sharing the floor and complimenting me on my feeling and skills as an instructor! Much love!
Thanks Mark for the opportunity to perform.

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