THEREAL 1v1 Allstyles Battle 大阪 11/18

I’m pretty exhausted writing this article at work, since I just came back from my recent trip to Osaka, where I was asked to hold a  Freestyle workshop at Dance Studio Goodies, and be one of the judges for THEREAL 1V1 Allstyles Battle.   I had an amazing time there.

I honestly didn’t go to enjoy the sights, this trip was strictly business.  I finished work in Okinawa in the late afternoon and quickly headed for the airport.  After arriving in Osaka, I checked into  my capsule hotel and immediately met with my fellow Lo3 member Reiki!  We proceeded to dance for literally 9 hours, from night until the sun came up.  Afterwards I slept for a bit, then prepared for the workshop.

There were about 10 kids who took my lesson. They were shy at first, but I explained that shyness and lack of emotions wouldn’t make for a fun dance class.  Then I explained the importance of facial expressions and energy through dance movement, taught isolations, timing within the music, groove variations, concepts, and the importance of self-expression. By the end of the workshop, they were laughing and enjoying themselves.  They were able to communicate with each other through dance like they’d never done before!  So I was pleased with the results.

After the workshop, parents expressed their gratitude and explained that they’d never seen their kids light up like they did while watching the workshop.  I’ll forever be happy to assist anyone and everyone in some form of growth, whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually. 

Anyway, the last day (Sunday) of my trip was THEREAL dance battle.  There were a bunch of entries, from little 6 year olds to adults up to age 51!  Judging is a difficult job, but I always enjoy it.  It forces me to study each dancer intently and therefore I come away with a better appreciation and understanding of that dancer and the story they have told through their movement.

Everyone was laughing at my reactions during the battles because my facial expressions are honest; I can’t hold back how I feel when watching a battle.  I tried my best to keep my composure, but some battles required noise to be made!

Overall, this was a short, but productive trip.  I can’t wait to go again!

Shoutout to YuiYui & Lady Shazoo of L.O-3 for meeting up at the end and talking about our dreams together.  Miss you guys, and I’m proud of you guys too lol!

Keep pushing!
~Prince Lo3

Dance Academy Free Spirit 10/15


Monday was the first day for my new dance school after separating from Splash MJJ.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous. However, once my students came and I played the music, I became calm again and was able to carry out my lessons accordingly.

月曜日は、私が自分で運営するダンスレッスンの初日でした。これまではSplash MJJ Dance Studioで教えていましたが、離れて初めてのレッスンです。



For my Freestyle Level Up classes, I’ve changed up the way I teach, because I am searching for different results for my students.

I have put a lot more emphasis on personal development rather than having my students become dependent on me for answers. I will show foundational dance moves, explain the origins, and drill them into the students.

”Freestyle Level Up”というレッスンを設けてスタートしたのですが、これは今までの私の教え方を変えています。なぜなら、生徒それぞれに違う結果を見出すことをゴールとしているからです。


スクリーンショット 2018-10-25 20.32.12

After the lesson, I provide homework assignments to keep them invested in the contents of the lesson until the following lesson on Saturday.

There, they will present their homework assignments and we will continue to build upon what we started on in the previous class with variations of the foundational moves, eventually building each students’ individual style.




I am big on individuality when it comes to dancing. I believe dance is a another ways of communication; it is a way to express feeling, whether it be the feeling of a song, or the feeling of that dancer.

Everyone is unique in their own way, so I would rather help my students explore themselves rather than make copies of Prince Lo3. I’m already me. I don’t need many other “Princes” dancing around in the world.


私は「Prince Lo3」のコピーやクローンダンサーをたくさん作るよりも、生徒がそのまま自分をダンサーとして展開させていくことをプッシュしたいと思っています。この広いダンスシーンにたくさんの「プリンスたち」は要りません。

My Afro House class went great. My students were able to pick up the moves I taught and received a great leg and cardio workout in the process lol.

In my Afro House class, I sometimes teach moves from other Afro dance styles, such as Azonto. However, I always differentiate which moves come from which dance style. I believe teaching the differences is vital.

Since Afro dance styles have become popular lately, many people are not learning the proper foundation of moves. I hope for everyone to treat these Afro dance styles like they would any other dance style, and learn the history and foundations first.



My next lesson will be on Saturday. I will be teaching Freestyle Lvl.1, Lvl. 2, and Freestyle Concept class at Mams Mart Studio in Ameku. Please check it out!

次のレッスンは土曜日です。Freestyle Level Up1とLevel Up2、そして上級者向けのFreestyle Conceptを那覇市天久のMams Martレンタルスタジオで教えます。チェックしてみてくださいね。

House Voyage Vol.4 沖縄

[English Below]

Mark, Nemaをはじめ、House Voyageのスタッフの皆さん、素敵なイベントをありがとうございます。賞賛です🙌

沖縄に住んでいて、ストリートダンサーなら、絶対次のHouse Voyageには行くべきです。

はっきり言って、ストリートダンスと言われるPopping, Locking, HipHop,パーティーダンス、ブレーキン、Houseは、ダンススタジオの鏡の前で生まれたものではありません。





House Voyageはダンスカルチャーの由来を振り返って、ダンスのオリジナルルーツを求めているイベントだと、つくづく思います。




そして、Mark! ダンスする機会をいただき、ありがとうございます。

I just wanna give a big shoutout to Mark, Nema, and all the House Voyage staff for throwing a fantastic Day/Night House Club Event. If you live in Okinawa and are a dancer, you should definitely attend the next event.

*Talking to the “street dancers in Okinawa now* The street dance styles you do now, popping, locking, hip hop party dancing, breaking, House etc. were born in the club dance scene, not dance studios in front of mirrors. House Voyage is trying to bring that culture back and take the dance to its original roots! So please, if you’re under 18 and a dancer please attend the next Daytime event. And if you’re over 18 you can hit up the night time event (or both).

Cyphers were on point and Future was giving lessons with his dance and feeling…. truly incredible! Thank you again for sharing the floor and complimenting me on my feeling and skills as an instructor! Much love!
Thanks Mark for the opportunity to perform.

Osaka Kizomba You&Me Festival

This past weekend I was invited to teach an Afro House workshop and a Hip Hop workshop at the 1st Osaka Kizomba Festival!

先週末は、大阪で初めて行われたOsaka Kizomba Festivalで、Afro HouseとHipHopを教えて欲しいと招待されました。

31932308_263441577531734_2136882762475372544_nIt was a 3-day event with many workshops given by many dancers from around the world: India, Germany, France, USA, and so on.  It was a first experience to teach such a big group of people.  However, I enjoyed every moment of it.


The main dance style taught and danced at this event was Kizomba (hence the name lol).  However, since Kizomba is a dance style derived from Angola, the Kizomba dancers were not strangers to the style of Afro House.  Usually during Kizomba sessions, the DJ will play some Afro House music and someone will lead the group while performing Afro House steps.

このイベントのメインはその名の通りキゾンバというジャンルのダンス。だけれど、Kizombaはアンゴラから由来しており、多くのKizombaダンサーは同じアンゴラのダンススタイルであるAfro Houseもよく知っています。Kizombaのダンスセッションの時間には、DJがAfroHouseの音楽を途中でかけて、誰かが前に立ってリードしながら、Afro Houseを踊るのが慣習なんです。

31743643_262558174286741_1966608745370746880_n31466735_263461330863092_3777672694611312640_nSo, for my workshop, I taught basic grooves of Afro House, Kuduro, and the importance of having fun while being yourself on the dance floor.  For my Hip Hop lesson, I explained about feeling different rhythms within the music, and different ways to groove to the beat.  Many of the students were beginners for both Afro House and Hip Hop, so it was a nice change of pace and atmosphere.


31942569_263441624198396_3232756449872445440_nI received a lot of good reviews about my workshops, so I was very pleased afterwards.  I hope to be a part of the next Kizomba event, whenever they have it, in the future!  Thank you Yumi for inviting me and all the staff for making me feel welcome.  And thank you for the DJs for trying to play as much Afro House music as possible for me.  Thank you SanJay for killing the floor with me every night haha.


One Love

~Prince Lo3

New Age Grand Championship Hip Hop Battle 4/8/18

Greetings to all.  It’s been a cool minute, but I’m back 🙂


This past Sunday was the New Age Hip Hop 1v1 Grand Championship event hosted by Numa & Hiroya of LOG Studio in Okinawa.  The event was pretty heavy.  There were many great dancers who showed up to battle (from Osaka as well) and the vibe from the crowd was pretty good.  The judges were also from Tokyo: Yass, Yoshio, and Shigeru (Super dope!).

先週日曜日はLogスタジオのNumaさんとHiroyaが主催するthe New Age Hip Hop 1v1グランドチャンピオンシップでした。とっても厚みのあるイベントでした。大阪からも含め、たくさんのいいダンサーたちが来ていて、群衆から感じるVibesはとてもよかったです。ジャッジは東京からYass,Yoshio,Shigeruという超ドープなメンバーでした。



There were actually two events on this day.  They had the qualifying battle event, where the contestants would battle until the top 2 were decided.  The top 2 would then be placed in the winners bracket to battle the previous victors from the New Age Battles held earlier in the year in the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP Tournament.


A couple of my students wanted to participate, so I decided to enter as well.  They had an under 15year old tournament, and an over 16year old tournament.  Two of my students made it to the top 8 in the qualifying tournament, however, both lost their matches.  It was inspiring for them and a good lesson on what they need to work on for the next tournament.  So, as their teacher, I was proud of them for trying hard.


As for me, I won my preliminary round, won my top 16 round against Yukka from What’s Up (she’s really dope), then won my top 8 round and top 4 round (against a dude from Flow..don’t know his name but I liked his style too).  By this time, I was already exhausted from training with my students until late the previous night haha.  But my students were watching so I wanted to dance as best as I could and look good in front of them.

私はというと、当日予選のベスト16はWhat’s UpのYukka(かなりdopeなダンサーです)に、Top8とTop4のマッチに(多分相手はFlowのダンサーだと思うのですが、名前がわからない。彼のスタイルはとっても好きです)勝ちました。でも当日予選を終えた頃には、すんごくエネルギーを使い果たしていました笑 でも、生徒が見ている前では、とにかくかっこ悪い姿は見せられません。かっこよく踊ってやろうと思っていました。


I became I finalist and moved on to the main Championship Tournament.  I ended up having to battle the other finalist Hana (she’s great).  Thanks to Testsu’s good music choice and my will to win, I was able to come out on top after 2 rounds and move on to the Top 8 battle.  Here I met with Erysa again from Osaka.  I had previously lost to her in the last New Age Battle, so I was out seeking revenge.  However, in my last round, my body couldn’t keep up and I ended weak.  She capitalized on this and was victorious.  Lesson learned: I need more endurance for these kind of stretches.  Oh well. 😛

Top8のバトルからは2ラウンド。そこまでくることができました。ここで当たったのが大阪から参戦したErysa。前にNew Age Battleで負けた相手だったので、リベンジしようと思いました。だけど、最後のラウンドで私の体はついにもたなかった。弱く終わってしまいました。そこに付け込まれたように、彼女が勝ちました。

I truly had fun at this event and learned a lot about my strengths and MANY WEAKNESSES.  But that’s what HIP HOP is all about.  We were all united under HIP HOP that day, so it was a good day in general.  I’ll continue to work hard for my students and for myself so we can continue to grow and get stronger together!

このバトル、すごく楽しめたし、私の長所といっぱいの短所もわかりました。だけど、これがまさにHIP HOP!その日のバトルはみんながHIP HOPの元に集い、すんごくいい1日になりました。生徒の為にもっと一生懸命頑張ります。そしたら、一緒に成長して強くなれる。


Big ups to Numa & Hiroya for hosting and allowing my students to participate!  We appreciate your kindness.  Shoutout to the judges! Much respect to you guys.  Shoutout to DJ MOTHA EFFIN TETSU!! HE PLAYED HEAT ALL NIGHT….thank you so much for actually doing research preparing those gems that bring out the best in dancers.  And shoutout to the KPAS members for cheering for me.  I really appreciate the love you guys showed me, even when others brushed off my style like it wasn’t good.  Y’all the real MVPs hahaha.

Numaさん、Hiroyaさん、このようなイベントを開き、私の生徒も参加でき、感謝です。優しさもありがとう。ジャッジの皆さんにも拍手!リスペクトです。そして、DJ TETSU!!!その日、彼のプレーは最高でした。ダンサーの為に色々下調べもしてGood TUNESをもって来てくれてありがとう。




Side note, after participating in this event, I was able to pinpoint the quiet haters I have here in Okinawa.  I honestly don’t mind the hate or shade thrown my way because it’s all part of the game.  But I would just appreciate it if people didn’t pretend to be my friend, then talk behind my back.  If you don’t like me, you don’t have to pretend.  I won’t lose sleep over it haha.  My dance style is an exact replica of my personality.  I like to have fun.   I joke and clown around often.  And making jokes and clowning is, in itself, a part of battling.  If you don’t understand that aspect of it or the culture, don’t talk down about it.  And if you truly doubt my skills, you know where I’m at:




I’m a Full Time English Teacher Mon-Friday 8am to 4pm. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday nights I’m at Splash MJJ Studio teaching.  All day Saturdays I’m also at Splash MJJ teaching.  Sundays I’m usually at home studying or training.  So come find me, and we can test out my dance skills if you’d like.



❤ One love!

~Prince Lo3


ポッドキャスト番組に出ました!Raw Urban Mobile Podcast Interview

東京にいる間に、日本でのダンスキャリアや、いろんな国のダンスシーンを見てきた視点、Afro HouseやKUDUROのことなど色々話してくれないか?とインタビューの依頼を受けました。


While in Tokyo, I was asked to partake in an interview regarding my dance career in Japan, my views on different dance scenes, Afro House & Kuduro, and many other topics.  To listen, please follow the link below! (Only in English)  I had a blast talking with these brothas!  Great people!

Raw Urban Mobile Podcasts Prince Lo3

House Voyage w/ Future (EOF)

Sorry, this blog should have been completed last week, but I’ve been so busy that I’m only now getting a chance to write about it!



The homie Mark hosted his house event in Okinawa called “HOUSE VOYAGE” a little over a week ago in Okinawa City (one day after the Mr. Wiggles WS).  I strongly urge anyone who is interested in learning house, watching house, or just dance in general to attend the next one!  Shout out to Mark for trying to spread the house dance culture out here in Okinawa.

友達のMarkが、沖縄でHOUSE VOYAGEというイベントを1週間前に沖縄市で主催しました(Mr.Wigglesの1日後です)。ハウスに興味がある、ハウスを観るのが好き、とにかくダンスが好き、なんでもいいので本当に次のHOUSE VOYAGEに行くことをオススメします。沖縄でハウスのカルチャーを広めようとしているMarkに感謝とリスペクトです。


Anyway, the special guest of this event was none other than FUTURE EOF!  I was able to catch him outside of the venue, and we literally chalked it up for at least an hour or so.

そんなわけで、このイベントのスペシャルとは他の誰でもないFUTURE EOFでした!私は偶然にも外で彼をつかまえることができ、1時間かそれ以上、話し込むことができました。


Future is an incredible human being.  Without me even asking, he knew I was seeking knowledge and wisdom from him, and he delivered.  He broke down the history of the “Jack” from the song to the actual movement in New York and how it came to be (I won’t explain here on my blog but it’s hilarious and a little dirty for the youngyins but please research!).


彼は、New Yorkで当時起こっていたことから音楽が生まれ、そこから生まれた“Jack”の歴史、それがどう変遷したかをわかりやすく教えてくれました(ここには書きません。ちょっとおもしろくて、ちょっと汚い話なので。でもみんな調べてみて!)


He talked about his adventures with Brian Green and the beginning of their journey into the house culture in the clubs.  He broke down different movements within house dance and blew my mind with some of the different combinations and variations of steps that I would’ve never fathomed were possible if he hadn’t opened my eyes.  We talked about normal everyday things as well.

彼はBrinan Greenとクラブでハウスカルチャーを作り出した頃の冒険を話してくれました。そしてハウスダンスの動きを1つ1つ分解して教えてくれました。それは、全然違う動きのコンビネーションであり、ステップのバラエティさであり、私は度肝を抜かれました。彼が私に見せてくれなければ、絶対に私には全く理解できないものでした。他にも、雑談もたくさんしました。


Afterwards we went back into the club. I honestly couldn’t dance myself.   I just stood there outside of the circle, studying his movements, astounded at his control, timing, feeling, and overall effortlessness.  I will strive to one day become a dancer capable of performing at such a high level as his.  Makes me afraid of meeting Brian Green actually (just kidding) lol.


この経験から、Brian Greenと会える日がくるのを恐れています(冗談ですlol)


Anyway, overall this event was spectacular.  The next one will be in May I believe, so please go check it out! Big up to Rocko, Ariel, Mark, Nema, Hiroto, and all others that I saw there that night!  Let’s keep pushing each other to achieve greater things!



And of course, thank you Future for giving me your time and sharing your heart with me.  Much appreciated my brotha!

そして、Future、私に時間をシェアしてくれて、あなたのダンスへの思いを分けてくれてありがとう。とっても感謝しています brotha!

~Prince Lo3