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カリフォルニア州LA出身のストリートダンサー。 2008年からPoppingをはじめ、2012年までにHip Hop, House, Freestyleへと、ジャンルの幅を広げた。
2010年に沖縄に移住し、ダンサーとしてのキャリアが本格的にスタート。Crystal Kay, SouljaBoy, Lloydのコンサートに出演。
創立したダンスクルーL.O-3としてTHE ONE VOL.3 DREAM VOL.2などで優勝。バトル出場のほか、ジャッジを務めたり、日本やアメリカでワークショップを行なったりしてきた。

2014年にLAに拠点を移し、Afro Houseを新たなダンススタイルとして習得し始める。 Afro House/Kuduro のManuel Kanzaに師事し、2016年沖縄に戻った。

2018年から、AfroHouse/FreestyleダンサーであるEdgar “Konsept、HipHop freestyleダンサーのNickel (Yudat) from Franceに学ぶ。さまざまなダンススタイルと動きと幅広い知識をステップと独自のフィーリングとし、自身のダンススタイルを作り上げている。


所属Crew: L.O-3

Prince Lo3 is a street dancer from Los Angeles, California. He started off as a popper in 2008 and also became immersed in the Hip Hop, House, and Freestyle dances in 2012. In 2010 he moved to Okinawa and began his dancing career. He’s opened for singers like Crystal Kay, Soulja Boy, and Lloyd, while winning freestyle competitions like THE ONE VOL.3 and DREAM VOL.2 WITH HIS CO-FOUNDED CREW: L.O-3. While in Okinawa, he has not only competed, but judged and taught workshops to both American and Japanese dancers.

In 2014 he went back to California and began his Afro House journey. By 2016, he returned to Okinawa after becoming a personal pupil of the Afro House/Kuduro master, Manuel Kanza shortly after. Since early 2018, he also began studying under the Afro House/Freestyle dancer, Edgar “Konsept” and hip hop freestyle dancer Nickel (Yudat) from France.

Prince has extensive knowledge of various styles and movements and has incorporated those steps and feelings into his dance style.

Known for his bubbly personality and charismatic character, Prince has made a name for himself and his crew L.O-3 and hopes to continue making a positive impact to everyone he encounters during his journey.